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Filigrana Traducciones - Traductores profesionales en Chile


Top-quality translation in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Our methods are steeped in the core principles of professional translation: translators work exclusively into their mother tongue, terminology is thoroughly researched and discussed with clients and all texts are carefully revised.

Send us your document, tell us what you need and when you need it. We’ll take care of the rest. We work in any format, from simple Word documents to websites and PDFs, making sure the translation is ready for publication.

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Filigrana Traducciones - Corrección de estilo en Chile


We take care of dotting the i’s, crossing the t’s and putting every comma in its place. We’ll make sure your texts are well written and in compliance with academic standards and grammatical norms.

Think about it: How many times have you asked yourself when exactly to use a semicolon or a colon, a hyphen or an em dash, or if a period goes before or after the closing quotation mark? How many times have you wondered if it’s correct to use “based off of” or just “based on,” if it’s better to use “with regard to,” “in regards to” or “regarding”?

Writing is an intellectual effort that requires abiding by established rules and a lot of experience in order to reach optimal results. Your image is at stake, so leave it to professionals.

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Accuracy, fluency and proper tone.

We make sure that you sound good.

Filigrana Traducciones - Intérpretes simultáneos en Chile


We provide you with professional interpreters with a proven track of excellence and years of experience, as well as the necessary equipment (booths, speakers, transmitters and receivers).

Tell us about your meeting and we’ll offer the most suitable interpreting solution in any of the following modes:

Simultaneous interpretation for larger conferences, including audio equipment and booths.

Consecutive interpretation for more interaction in bilateral meetings, short speeches and press conferences.

Escort interpreting for on-site technical visits and business tours. For this, we recommend the use of portable audio devices.

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Filigrana Traducciones - Subtitulado profesional en Chile


The right text at the right time. Subtitling services for movies and institutional videos.

Subtitling entails a balance between words and images to ensure a pleasant audiovisual experience. Proper subtitles should be concise, straightforward and tailored to the technical standards of each media platform (film or digital).

We can provide any subtitle file required or hardcode it onto video and deliver a ready-to-play version.

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Filigrana Traducciones - Servicio de locución profesional en Chile


What voice are you looking for? Our team of talents is ready to help you find the right tone for your message.

Having a good voice is only the beginning. Professional voice-over is about bringing a script to life and setting the appropriate mood for each purpose.

We offer studio-grade recording and editing for all types of work, from institutional videos to marketing campaigns and educational material.

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