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Filigrana Traducciones - Traductores profesionales en Chile


Professional translation in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French of content in any format.

Filigrana Traducciones - Corrección de estilo en Chile


Proofreading for grammar and spelling, copy editing and review for publication.

Filigrana Traducciones - Intérpretes simultáneos en Chile


Simultaneous, consecutive and escort interpreting. Interpreters and equipment for any type of meeting.

Filigrana Traducciones - Subtitulado profesional en Chile


Standards-compliant subtitles that don’t get in the way of your script.

Filigrana Traducciones - Servicio de locución profesional en Chile


We give voice to your message with professional, studio-grade recording, editing and mixing.

Our clients speak for our quality.

Working with multilingual texts, accurate real-time communication, the best off-screen voices and crystal-clear subtitles, we have helped numerous companies and organizations reach beyond their borders and build bridges with the rest of the world.

Filigrana Traducciones is a translation agency in Santiago, Chile.

A company made of professionals who are passionate about their craft and focused on ensuring the quality that you deserve.

Empresa de traducción en Chile - Filigrana Traducciones

We’re experts in what we do

Speaking two languages is just the beginning. Proper translation and communication is about putting oneself in another’s shoes, incorporating different world views and expressing the same ideas with each language’s own resources. This entails excellent professional training, years of experience and a broad cultural background. Professional translation is the art of becoming somebody else, and that’s our specialty.

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